Sunday, 14 July 2013

Accessories from Japan I

Very soon I will show you how to make three Japanese street fashion inspired accessories out of faux fur (it is TOO hot here to be thinking about faux fur right now lol)

So here are some photos of the accessories I bought whilst on my trip to Japan.

'Lariat' KG by Kurt Geiger low tops + Japanese ankle socks
I never buy designer brands and I never buy anything at airports but I saw these at the Kurt Geiger in Heathrow and the Riddler fan girl in me NEEDED them (also they were on sale lol). The cat is the cat who has been banned from seeing me anymore. You can see she is taking the ban very seriously.

Metamorphose (temps de fille) white Mary Janes + Japanese ankle socks
Metamorphose is a lolita brand which mostly specialises in sweet and classic lolita styles. I love lolita and I love Meta! I have two Meta dresses (would you like to see photos of them?) These are my first pair of lolita shoes and I love them! I find shoes very difficult to buy (they just never fit right), especially shoes with heels so I was wary of buying lolita shoes. They usually come in S, M and L rather than actual sizes (and of course if you order them all the way from Japan you want them to fit) but these fit my feet great!
These specific shoes were bought from the Metamorphose shop in Kyoto's gigantic Teramachi shopping district. It was incredibly hard to find, I won't lie. The shop is right in the middle and not on ground level so you must keep your eye open for a mannequin wearing a full lolita outfit in a glass case. There will be a sign stating it is Metamorphose and an arrow bent like stairs. DO NOT GO UP THE STAIRS. Take the lift to the fifth floor. It is very freaky as the lift is like one from a horror film. Luckily when you reach the fifth floor you arrive in a single room full of pink and bows and two lovely assistants waiting to help you. Here is more info. I really recommend shopping in Teramachi and Kyoto in general.

The white pearls come from Singapore, the black pearls come from Hong Kong and the pearl on the purple bow comes from Jersey.

Bow ring

Whilst in Takayama we were supposed to visit a sake brewery however the guide didn't know. To make up for it she took us to a traditional craft shopping street. About half way down was a shop called San Ai Handmade. It is adorable! I could have bought everything however limited myself to this green and pink ring by CHONIi CHONIi and a pair of tabi socks.

Takayama is a wonderful city to visit if you are interested in Japanese history and tradition. I especially recommend going during the Spring or Autumn Matsuri, which are two of the best float festivals in Japan.

The other ring is a mood ring I picked up from an American service station. The big bracelet was a gift from an ex, the smaller pale pink shell bracelets were from Camden Town and the rest are from where I was a little girl way back in the 1990s! Back then bracelets made of rubber tubes with glitter floating in were all the rage.

More on socks
The traditional Japanese sock is called a 'tabi' sock. They were designed with the big toe separated from the rest of the toes so that you could wear them with flip-flop style sandals called 'geta'. All three of these socks come from Japan but the middle pink and grey sock can be bought from a shop called Muji which has stores all over the world.

Here are the two socks I wore in the shoe pictures. I bought them in Kyoto but all across Japan are shops that specialise just in socks (there must have been at last five in Kyoto's main shopping streets alone). I bought these Coudre Un socks from a shop called Crazy Dance in a young fashion department store called OPA but there are loads of franchises all offering the same offer of three pairs for ¥1050. That works out at around £3 each which may sound a lot but they are of very good quality - much better quality that English socks - designed to be shown off and to last, rather than to just be hidden in shoes. One Japanese sock shop, Tabio, also has a few shops in London but the range of designs is nothing like their Japanese counterparts.

I've also included English alternatives. Lace trimmed socks are very popular at the moment so easy to get. I bought mine from Marks and Spencer (you get a pink and cream pair for £5) but I've seen a variety with much more delicate lace around the cuffs from Top Shop. The patterned socks came from Marks and Spencer's children's section! You got five pairs for £3! Bargain!

Here is the final pair of Coudre Un socks I bought from Kyoto as well as the tabi socks I bought from Takayama. I don't know how clear it is but as well as patterned cotton the Coudre Un socks also include glitter and mesh sections. Definitely special occasion only socks!
The tabi socks are by Kyoto Kurochiku, a traditional item shop. They are festival socks so were expensive. In Japan you wear traditional wear to festivals and religious events but the pattern of your clothing depends on the season. Because these have pale colours, flowers and rabbits these are meant for spring festivals.



  1. I love all the socks you bought and the bow lolita shoes are too cute! Aw the cat is adorable, I'm glad it's still visiting.

    1. Hehe yes. I love socks and I love Cat :)

  2. Ohh I love the rabbit socks! I love those lolita shoes too. :) adorable!!


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