Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shoreham Lavender Festival & Kent Chilli Farm

Last Sunday I went to the Lavender Festival at The Hop Shop, Castle Farm, Shoreham, Kent, UK (phew long address). It is only a small festival but it is one of my favourites! You can buy hundreds of lavender products from scents to ice cream but also buy other local products including cherries, strawberries, meat, preserves and cheeses. I also really recommend the smoked garlic butter from the man who comes from the Isle of Wight! There are tours of the lavender fields as well as lavender massages. The festival is free to attend but parking is £2.00 and tours and massages are extra.

The festival is over for this year but the good news is that all the products sold at the festival are available from The Hop Shop.

Even better is that the farm is right next to Lullingstone Country Park so after you have pigged out on lavender flavoured food you can go for a walk around glorious Kent! There is a 1.5 mile discovery walk especially for children, a 4 mile loop walk around Lullingstone (river and castle) and Eynsford and even a trail especially for horses. Once you're done and are hungry again you can pop into the visitor centre and have a cup of tea and cake!

The Hop Shop
Lullingstone Country Park
The Garlic Farm

In the afternoon I visited the Dartford Festival where I meet our local chilli farmer (the farm is literally just a few roads away). Not only does he sell chillies but he makes sauces from them as well as sells plants and seeds so that you can grown your own. He's quite new but it's obviously a labour of love for him and his family so check him out!

Kent Chilli Farm

And finally this Sunday I will be visiting the Whitstable Oyster Festival! The festival will last the whole week (21st - 27th July 2012) however the utterly epic food festival will only be on the 21st and 22nd. Maybe I'll see you there!

Whitstable Oyster Festival

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