Sunday, 28 July 2013

2013 Whitstable Oyster Festival

Yesterday I attended the first day of the 2013 Whitstable Oyster Festival. Whitstable is a fishing town on the Kent coast. The festival is inspired by ceremonies held back in Norman times when the folk of Whitstable gave thanks for the sea and everything they were able to harvest from it.

The festival lasts all week however the best days to attend are the Saturday and Sunday as that is when the food festival at the harbour is. The food festival is a showcase of traditional Kentish food including preserves, cheese, fudge, cider, beer, strawberries and of course oysters! There is also a separate beer festival.


(Right click and select 'open link (in new tab / window)' to see this panoramic in its full glory)

The Oysters - yum!

The students of Chaucer College
Chaucer College is part of Japan's Shumei University based in Canterbury. It allows Japanese students the chance to experience life in the UK (Kent in particular) for five months. There is a heavy influence in volunteering and getting to know the local community. It is a wonderful school as it teaches the students about traditional English life and also brings the magic of Japan to Kent. When I move to the coast I would very much like to help at Chaucer College.
The students performed traditional drumming and a soran bushi (traditional fisherman's dance).

The Landing of the Oysters parade

This man is great XD I hope he's a minor royal lol

Dead Horse Morris - Morris dancing is the most famous traditional folk dance of Britain. It is rooted both is Moorish dancing as well as British folklore. There are very traditional Morris dancing 'sides' (groups) who wear white, ribbons and bells as well as modern variations that mix Morris dancing with subculture fashion and music such as gothic Morris dancers. There are also sometimes characters dancers such as a green man, a giant crow, a 'molly' (man dressed as a woman) and a demon horse. British folklore is highly underrated but I think it's great! 

Captain Sam and his wife are giants created especially for Whitstable! Giants are also part of British folklore however recreating them in papier mache is a recent thing. I think they look great! His wife in particular is beautiful and reminds me of Toyah Willcox


  1. What a wonderful looking festival! Easton has some cool ones like Bacon Fest, Garlic Fest & the Strawberry festival. They don't hold a candle to this one though I'd bet!

    1. lol it is a big festival! Prince Charles is visiting today and apparently there are 2,000 people waiting to meet him!

      I'd love to go to a strawberry festival!

      In the UK is a place called the Isle of Wight which also has a garlic festival. They put garlic into everything including beer and ice-cream! Does that happen at yours?


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