Monday, 7 April 2014

Massive update - Pegs Off! / Spark by Amber Run / Tumblr

Hi guys,

Sorry about the massive silence. Personal life got out of control but now things are starting to look up. This blog will probably only be for updates for a little while until I can get myself together again.

So - the updates:

1) Good news: I have a piece being performed at Pegs Off! Bad news: it's completely sold out. Well done if you managed to get a ticket. I can't wait to see you there! If you didn't get one I'll try and take some photos.

2) Today I also discovered that the NFTS short film I wrote for Jamie Stone has now been used for the video for Amber Run's 2014 single Spark:

3) As the third volume of The Strumpet is sold out online I've put my short comic Pest! online. You can read it on my website and also on my new tumblr.

If you have a tumblr follow me - I'd love to follow you back :)
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