Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Silent Hill Dartford

Ten years ago supermarket giant (and consumerist bully) Tesco was given consent to build a new store in Dartford. Part of the deal was that Tesco had to build X-amount of housing to create an actual need for the new supermarket (at that point four already existed in the town centre alone). Shortly after, they bought up a huge chunk of Lowfield Street to build these homes on, forcing out businesses and (ironically) pre-existing home owners alike. Ten years on, due to a combination of the recession and Tesco's apathy towards Dartford once they won the battle to build there, Lowfield Street remains untouched and abandoned - a ghost street, a sad reminder of better times and an embarrassing first image to anyone new to Dartford.

Here are my photos of Ripleys Market. It was once a small market full of independent shops...now it wouldn't look out of place in a run-down area of Silent Hill. I find it both eerily beautiful and melancholic. Part of me hopes it never changes now, it touches me so much. I was too young to appreciate Ripleys when it was still open but I never imagined its fate would be this. When it finally does get demolished for 'Little Boxes' housing at least there will be a memory of Silent Hill Dartford to show the price we paid for them.

To cement the Silent Hill feel there's even a map of the town on the Life Foods wall!

What are the secrets hiding in this abandoned town? Are you brave enough to find out?


  1. That's really interesting. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) The details are on my blog.


  2. Augh, I hate chains and the loss of small town businesses so much...my town has gotten a lot more developed over the short period of time I've lived here. :/ I like the photos, though! Very melancholy.



  3. Wow, this is really interesting. It is sad, too. I've never been to a ghost town, must be spooky.

    1. Luckily it's just one street but it is really sad to see when you remember how it was before it got abandoned.

      I have been to a proper ghost town in America. It had a cowboy show and everything lol

      Lowfield Street is much spookier!


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