Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Feature - Gold Motel

This week's Friday Feature is Gold Motel, Greta Morgan's current band from Chicago, United States. Gold Motel continues the more dreamy, melodious side of The Hush Sound with music perfect for a hot summer night by the beach. Retro, playful and wistful by turn, Gold Motel create the kind of music perfect to appear on the soundtrack to your life or a super cool indie film.

Where will I have heard them before?

Apart from the obvious (Greta being from The Hush Sound) songs from Gold Motel's first album Summer House have appeared on various adverts. The band have been very busy touring, supporting such acts as Family of the Year, Skybox, Mark Rose, Steel Train and hellogoodbye, creating a very swanky cover of 'Here in Your Arms'.

Featured Song: Perfect in My Mind

Where can I hear more?

Gold Motel appear on the odd sampler but very rarely (and usually for a limited time). They enjoy touring so that would be a good way to catch them but of course you can also buy their albums Summer House and Gold Motel. I recommend going for Summer House first as it is a more complete album with a unifying theme of summer in California. If you like that then you can be daring and try the more varied offerings from Gold Motel the album.

What is their website?

Next week: The final instalment of the Hush Sound journey: Stamps

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