Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Feature - Stamps

Haha! I was so busy playing Silent Hill 3 I almost forgot to do this! Big apologies!

This week's Friday Feature is Stamps, Bob Morris' current band from Los Angeles, United States. Stamps continues the duet aspect of The Hush Sound with fantastic vocals from Ren and Bob as well as great instrumentals from third member Adam. Their first two EPs Tramps and Stamps Ventures of a Lifetime are really quite joyous examples of indie pop. The majority of both EPs is light-heart and playful - honestly fun to listen to again and again - then nicely rounded off with a gentler, more meaningful ballad such as the beautiful 'Things You Do To Me'. The band has now drifted from its chamber style to experiment with an electronic / dance sound.

Where will I have heard them before?

Apart from the obvious (Bob being from The Hush Sound) Stamps has been touring with various bands and hitting various festivals. You may have also have confused them with various other stamp-named bands and musiciansyou were looking for (iTunes and amazon really don't help there, lumping them all together like one uber stamp music thing)!

Featured Song: Over Again

Where can I hear more?

Stamps offer many of their singles for free when they are new so follow them on twitter / facebook / tumblr for each new release. Of course they also have their lovely first two EPs Tramps and Stamps Ventures of a Lifetime which are easily available for download. You can also download their new dance style singles from iTunes and amazon. They don't have a full album out yet but it will be really interesting to see when they do how much of it will be chamber style and how much of it will be dance style. I hope they haven't dropped the chamber style for good - I think if they find a good balance of both the album would be sensational!

What is their website?

They have an official website but I found it really buggy so here is their tumblr.

Next week: Andrew Belle

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