Sunday, 16 September 2012

Silent Hill Animations

Recently I've been getting into the Silent Hill games (in a big way). I'm even going to dust off my PS2 so that I can play the games that never made it onto PS3. What really helped inform my decision were all the excellent Silent Hill videos on youtube (cut scenes, playthroughs, the lot). If you like emotionally loaded and deeply psychological plots as well as creepy, CREEPY horror (both in atmosphere and actual monsters) and gameplay that relies on problem solving as much as killing things then you'll LOVE Silent Hill.

You may find you love the series enough to draw a fan animation.

Yes...there are Silent Hill fans so dedicated and talented that they are able to produce fan animations! And they are good!

Heather Mason from SH3 by Xarity (a creator of many Silent Hill & Resident Evil animations both comedy and serious)

So sit back and enjoy my pick of the Silent Hill fan animations (These videos WILL contain spoilers)

Silent Hill 2 as an 80s sitcom
Close Enough Pictures Present: Silent Hill
Paper Silent Hill 3
Alice Human Sacrifice (Vocaloid) by Xarity
Pyramid Head's #1 Fan (inspired by the first film rather than games)
Silent Hill 2 the Musical Medley - The Courtship of Pyramid Head
1234 (Feist) Silent Hill
Resident Evil and Silent Hill Memories by Xarity
Silent Hill 2 Chibi Edition (the second part never got made)
Vincent is trying to bring the sexiness of Silent Hill back! (it's not an animation but it's Vincent Smith being sexy so...who cares that it's not an animation?!) (Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake)
My last pick is actually about Resident Evil (though it does contain a James Sutherland cameo) but I think it's adorable so here it is anyway!

I Think I Love You! (David Cassidy) by ShadowLeggy (the Resident Evil version of Xarity)

Watching all these excellent animations make me want to do one now too! What do you think?

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