Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Feature - Kyla La Grange

This week's Friday feature is Kyla La Grange, an indie / alternative pop singer/songwriter from Watford, England. Her music is extremely dreamlike (often nightmarish), passionate and raw. It has a fire and determination that possesses you in a similar way that Florence + the Machine's music is both ethereal and gets inside of you.

I've been a fan of Kyla for a few years now, with her music often featuring on the soundtracks I listen to whilst writing. Walk Through Walls helped me write The Automated Heart and Vampire Smile will hopefully help me with two future projects.

Where will I have heard her before?

You are most likely to have heard of her if you are a fan of Stayloose on Soundcloud, who has offered some of her demos and singles for free download, otherwise you may have caught her touring underground venues and the smaller festivals.

Featured Song: 'Vampire Smile'

Where can I hear more?
Like I said, you can get some free samples from Stayloose but you can also find videos to all her singles on Youtube. If you like what you hear you'll be pleased to know that her first album, Ashes, will be released on 30th July.

What is her website?

Next week: Chutes (of Folkestone fame)

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