Thursday, 12 July 2012

Holy Bat-Freak! Zellers Adverts

Another new feature! (Though this one will sporadically update rather than to a schedule.)

Today I'm Bat-Freaking about the Canadian department store Zellers' adverts from the late 1980s. The four 30 second adverts feature Batman and Robin saving families from being ripped off by some of Batman's greatest enemies. Despite the graphic novels of the 1980s becoming more serious the adverts are a homage to DC's Silver Age featuring classic costume designs and voice samples of the villains from the 1960s television show.

The featured foes are:



Riddler (looking super buff)


As you can see, though they were only 30 second adverts and before the invention of CGI the quality is fantastic, which is the real reason to Bat-Freak over them. They really bring the spirit of the graphic novels to life. I'd love to see a Batman animation in this style!

Though...the animation is not without its bloopers...

Introducing the 5th Zellers Advert!

In the Batcave Batman and Robin prepare to save another family from department store misery however Robin has a trauma of his own!

Batman is practising Buddhist Rubber Face technique (you never know when you might need to dislocate the whole of your face).

Batman and Robin rescue the family where Robin teaches the family the 'Law of Toyland'. Hmm that face is kind of creepy...

...It's also rather familiar...

AHHH! It's Riddler!

Discovering that Riddler has taken the place of Robin, Batman has no choice but to put his Buddhist Rubber Face techniques into action, dislocate his jaw and consume Riddler-Robin whole.

You can find all four Zellers adverts on YouTube.

Hmmm and where have I seen Batman's rubber face before?

Oh yes!

And finally...for my fellow Riddler more screencap of Eddie:

Oh Edward! Why must you have such a soft spot for blondes yet be 100% fictitious and therefore unable to leer over this blonde blogger! <3

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