Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Feature - Lucy Spraggan

This week's Friday feature is Lucy Spraggan, a girl with a guitar from Buxton, England. Lucy may only be in her early twenties however her music is honest and witty. By usually relying solely on a guitar accompaniment the quality of her lyrics are really given the space to shine with no topic too strange ranging from relationships to Jeremy Kyle! Along with sharp lyrics Lucy's delivery is very cheeky and her melodies bounce along making her the full package.

Where will I have heard her before?

Well if you live in the Midlands probably a pub near you though more likely watching her on youtube performing in a pub near you! Lucy is also doing the festival circuit.

Featured Song: '91'

Where can I hear more?

Lucy has loads of videos on youtube such as the Facebook and Jeremy Kyle songs and you can also sample part of her first album Top Room at the Zoo on soundcloud - then - when you decide you like that you can buy the rest of it on iTunes or Amazon!

What is her website?

Next week: The music videos of Corin Hardy

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