Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Feature - Bad Veins

This week's Friday Feature is Bad Veins an indie pop project by Ben Davis from Ohio, USA.
A few years ago I found this indie pop group called 'Fun.' At some point I was going to Friday Feature them (I was being lazy about it) but before I knew it they were singing with Rhianna, UK number one and basically no longer undiscovered...I'd missed my chance. I'm not letting that happen Bad Veins! These guys are destined for greatness - how they are not madly rich and famous yet I don't know.
First of all don't get scared by their name. They sound like a gangsta rapper or possibly a death metal band but it's just an anagram of Ben Davis. Bad Veins' music is ridiculously catchy - every song on their second album, This Mess We've Made is sing-along-able - an album which very unusually (in my opinion) doesn't have a single dud song on it. The majority of the album is upbeat, dance-around-the-room, indie pop with an electro finish. There is also the more serious song such as haunting, menacing (and honestly amazing) 'If Then' which makes for good contrast. Everything is then rounded off by the slower paced, brassy farewell song, 'Not Like You'. I'd wager, however, anything would sound endearing, passionate, emotive and powerful if Ben applied his lyric and vocal skills to it. If you are a fan of bands like Fun., The Feeling and Hellogoodbye you will LOVE Bad Veins. Honest.
Where will I have heard them before?

Bad Veins won the first ever Target Music Maker Award at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. Since then they have toured extensively with acts including Two Door Cinema Club and We Are Scientists.

Featured Song: I Turn Around and If Then


Where can I hear more?

You can listen to all of This Mess We've Made on their soundcloud as well their EP Outliers and first album Bad Veins, where you can also download track Don't Run for free. You can then download the rest via iTunes and amazon etc

What is their website?

Next week: Saint Motel

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