Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Feature - Dry the River

This week's Friday Feature is Dry the River a folk rock band from Stratford (London), UK. You'll know the sound - it's the Mumford and Son's sound - yet though Dry the River weren't the band to make the sound big they still own it. Peter Liddle's lead vocals are beautiful - pure, gliding and lilting - delivering often deep and complex lyrics soulfully. He is supported by tight backing vocal harmonies and almost completely acoustic instrumentals. And what a variety of instruments they are! Songs include everything from the obvious guitar to the mandolin and tenor horn! This combination of acoustic / orchestral instruments and almost angelic vocals results in one track being a playful take on traditional folk to the next being a ballad absolutely throbbing with heartfelt passion.
Where will I have heard them before?

After the release of their first single, the absolutely beautiful No Rest, in 2011 Dry the River have appeared at every big UK festival possible! In 2012 they continued touring, this time doing the world wide festivals. Throughout 2011 and 2012 they appeared on all the British 'best of new talent' lists.

Featured Song: The Chambers and the Valves (cutest idea for a video I have seen in ages!)

Where can I hear more?

No free songs at the moment. Their first album is called Shallow Bed and is available to buy as a hard copy and download. If you find you love Shallow Bed you can then buy the acoustic version of it but as download only. A second album should be coming very soon!

What is their website?

Next week: Let's continue the folk sound with The Avett Brothers.

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