Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Feature: The Avett Brothers

This week's Friday Feature are The Avett Brothers a folk rock band from North Carolina, USA. Though folk rock like last week's Dry the River they have a fresh spin on the British folk inspired sound made so popular by Mumford and Sons. Coming from America The Avett Brothers have access to other folk genres such as country, honky tonk and bluegrass. Combine this with their completely acoustic sound featuring a heavy use of lower register string instruments (Scott Avett on banjo, Seth Avett on guitar, Bob Crawford on double bass, Joe Kwon on cello and Jacob Edwards on drums) and listening to them becomes a mellow yet passionate and soulful experience.

Where will I have heard them before?

"If It's the Beaches" was featured in Season 2 for the television series Friday Night Lights. "Kick Drum Heart" featured in MTV's World of Jenk's and with "Slight Figure of Speech" also featured in comedy-drama series Parenthood. "I and Love and You" was featured in comedy series Men At Work and teen drama One Tree Hill. "Live and Die" appeared in the 2012 comedy film This is 40.

Featured Song: Laundry Room

Where can I hear more?

The Avett Brothers sometimes feature on music samplers and in Paste magazine however there are ten years of their music for you to explore: seven studio albums, three live albums and four EPs. All of these are available to buy via iTunes and if you prefer hard copies the most easy to lay your hands on are The Carpenter (2012) and I and Love and You (2010).

What is their website?

Next week: It Came From Japan...!


  1. I love this band! you feature some really cool music on your blog. I approve ;-)

    Francesca xo


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