Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday Feature - EMA

This week's Friday Feature is super cool tough girl EMA aka Erika M. Anderson, a noise rocker from South Dakota, USA. She is probably the closest a singer song writer can get to recreating the sound of an entire industrial band. She is musical Marmite. A fact she is completely unapologetic about. She is noise. She is extreme distortion. She is heavy, heavy pulsing beats. She screams and you think you get what she is about but then suddenly all the noise will drop to reveal she also has the most beautiful, husky, gentle singing voice. Mixed into all this contradiction are incredibly catchy tunes.

Where will I have heard her before?

EMA's previous bands include Amps for Christ and Gowns. She is very popular with Spin and appeared on their tribute to Nirvana's Nevermind album singing 'Endless, Nameless'. 'The Grey Ship' was used on an episode of Adult Swim's Off the Air.

Featured Song: Grey Ship

Where can I hear more?

EMA's free music usually comes courtesy of SPIN. Check out her two albums Little Sketches on Tape (2010) and Past Life Martyred Saints (2011).

What is her website?

Next week: We'll enjoy flowers in December with Mazzy Star

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