Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday Feature 2012 Round-Up

Friday Feature Round-Up 2012 from rachel.yelding on 8tracks Radio.
1) Silver Zephyrs - Haley Bonar
2) Been Better - Kyla La Grange
3) Muddy Hands - Chutes
4) Echo - The Hush Sound
5) Cold Shoulders - Gold Motel
6) Things You Do To Me - Stamps
7) Static Waves (featuring Katie Herzig) - Andrew Belle
8) Marsh King's Daughter - Eisley
9) Cameras - Matt & Kim
10) That's the Trouble with Love - Frank Gorshin
11) Now a Quick Haunt - The King Left
12) Sleeping Limbs - ohnomoon
13) Angelo - EMA
14) Blue Light - Mazzy Star
Unfortunately I couldn't include every artist / band who has appeared as a Friday Feature this year as 8tracks doesn't support .wav or .m4a files (boo to them). Please enjoy anyway, check out all the other Friday Features and support these guys! If you don't buy their music they can't make it and I can't feature it for you.
See you in 2013 for more Friday Features!

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