Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pictures from Paradise

The main personal project I've been working on this year is a script called 'Paradise' - a fantasy detective romantic comedy. My friend Gina is always telling me to write a graphic novel so here are some pictures I drew up of characters. I would love your views on the matter. Do you think I should have a go at drawing one of my scripts as a graphic story with the intention of getting it published? If I did try I'd need lots of encouragement not to give up...but then I'd try and share the process with you.

Anyway...some pictures (click on them for bigger versions):
Designs for main character Susan's outfits

Detective, spirit and love interest Everard Paradise
Everard's sweet lolita personal assistant Angelique

Fox spirit and cabaret singer Iris

Snake Twins
And here is a photo of the building that inspired the setting (The Grand on the Leas Cliff, Folkestone, Kent, England):

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