Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday Feature - Matt & Kim

This week's Friday Feature are Matt & Kim, an indie dance duo from New York, United States. Matt is vocals and keyboards and Kim is drums. Combined they are unashamedly rough and noisy...but it's an upbeat, energising, free spirited noise. Their rhythm led sound may be a little too aggressive for some but if you don't mind a beat for your buck then you'll find many of their songs such as Daylight, Gold Ol' Fashioned Nightmare and Cameras incredibly catchy (and if you listen hard enough you'll hear the lyrics are pretty deep too). 

Where will I have heard them before?

Matt & Kim first became popular touring however now their music's all over the place! Lessons Learned won the Breakthrough Video award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, AF/FM Sound features on the TV show ChuckCameras appears on the soundtrack for Morgan Spurlock's 2011 film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and Let's Go appeared on the comedy website Funny or Die however their best known song is Daylight. Daylight has appeared in various commercials; in the TV shows Community (which also featured Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare), Entourage and Skins; and in the video games NBA Live 10, Need for Speed Nitro, The Sims 3: World Adventures (in Simlish) and FIFA 10 (a remixed version featuring De La Soul).

Featured Song: Cameras

Where can I hear more?

Sorry - no free songs but four fab albums for you to explore: Matt & Kim, Grand, Sidewalks and Lightning (just released this month).

What is their website?

They have an official website however it crashed my laptop twice so here's their wikipedia page and you can take you computer's life in your own hands!

Next week: We're going back to the 1960s to explore the original Garage Girl Group Sound!

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