Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Beauty According to Popi Atom

Once again I can't reblog from tumblr so I've copied and pasted with a link to Popi's original post. Warning! This comment does contain original thought!

"I have long felt uncomfortable with the generally accepted idea of beauty. The pressure over women to conform various specifications is overwhelming. There is some made up worth to beauty, some unspoken currency that as women we are expected to trade in. Our capability to be attractive, we’re told; will dictate our opportunities, our happiness, and even our worth. I enjoy trying to distance myself from those specifications, visually I enjoy being, for lack of a better word “unattractive” at least in the conventional sense. One thing that really fucking irritates me is when people suggest I alter my image in this way because I'm “insecure” or I'm not confident enough to show my natural beauty. I can assure you I am wholly secure, secure in my belief that personal beauty is subjective and societal beauty is poisonous."

Popi Atom's tumblr

And just in case you're wondering what she looks like? She's perdy to me:

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