Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Feature - Liam Frost

This week's Friday feature is Liam Frost, an alternative folk singer from Manchester, England. Liam takes his listeners on an emotional journey not only combining extremely catchy upbeat sing-a-long songs with heartfelt ballads but packing each song with so much story and life experience you can actually see the lyrics come to life as he sings them.

Where will I have heard him before?

Liam was part of The Slow Down Family but now performs solo. His single 'The Mourners of St Paul's' was voted number one single of 2006 by Channel 4's Planet Sound and the epic 'Your Hand in Mine' featuring Martha Wainwright was staple airplay on xfm during 2010. Since then however Liam's been a little quiet...hopefully writing a new album!

Featured Song: Your Hand in Mine

Where can I hear more?

Youtube only unless you want to trust me and buy his two albums 'Show Me How The Spectres Dance' and 'We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain' which you can get for the bargain price of around £4.99 each depending on where you look.

What is his website?

Next week: we remember the band that spawned Gold Motel and Stamps...The Hush Sound

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