Friday, 25 May 2012

Archangels at the Victoria and Albert Museum

So I went on my second Archangel hunt today and ended up at London's V&A.

The V&A has a wonderful Medieval section as well as a beautiful collection of sculptures, architecture, metalwork, Asian design, British design and clothing.

On to the angels (these are just some of the angel themed art at the V&A):

Archangel Saraqael

This is actually a print found in the British section of the museum. It is not catalogued as featuring Saraqael (Suriel / Sariel) however Saraqael is mentioned on the inscription. Don't ask me which one (s)he is though!

Archangel Uriel

Once again this stained glass window is not listed as featuring Uriel however Uriel is the archangel usually attributed to banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Michael

This is from the same stained glass window as Uriel. Once again he's not listed as being Michael but he's in armour and he's sticking a spear in a devil's Michael.

This sculpture makes me smile! He looks so pleased with himself! And though I know he's pointing up to Heaven I kind of feel like any second now he's going to stick his middle finger up XD

Other Angels

These are un-named angels but I think they are too lovely not to include.


Keep your eyes open for my next post about the Kitty and the Bulldog exhibition also at the V&A.

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