Saturday, 11 May 2013

(Late) Friday Feature - St Lola in the Fields

This week's (slightly late) Friday Feature is St Lola in the Fields a singer/songwriter due from Nashville, USA. Their album High Atop the Houses and the Towns is a combination of playful pop and absolutely beautiful, slow ballads featuring Cindy's soulful voice over just a piano (and sometimes strings). The pop songs are grown up but quite standard but the slower, graceful, heartfelt songs such as 'Don't Say' which is full of regret and understated emotion are just beautiful and make St Lola in the Fields a must listen.
Where will I have heard them before?

Cindy and Jeremy are both successful solo artists as well as write for other people. Cindy also performs modern Christian popular music under the name Cindy Morgan. Their single Hold Me appeared on TV series Pretty Little Liars and Don't Say appeared on One Tree Hill.

Featured Song: Don't Say

Where can I hear more?

St Lola's first release was an EP called Little Breaks/Little Bends (2008) but good luck trying to get it out side of the USA! Luckily the majority of the songs appear on their 2010 album High Atop the Houses and the Towns. You can listen to some of it here and download an acoustic version of 'He's in Love' here. You can get High Atop the Houses and the Towns from iTunes and Amazon.

What is their website?

Next week: Friday Feature is going to take a little break whilst I do the Minx reviews!

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