Saturday, 2 February 2013


As you all know I'm female...and a geek. So it made me very sad when I saw this article by self proclaimed 'real' geek Tara Brown about how some females don't deserve to be called 'geek' because they haven't suffered enough / don't know as much as her / just do it to look cute (way to go on the elitism and girl hate). Though of course, what really made me both furious and highly amused was this piece acclaimed graphic novel artist Tony Harris:

I could take this rant apart line by line mocking the misogyny and general idiocy (let's face it - it basically insults everyone INCLUDING the male geeks he wishes to represent) however loads of people have done that already so I instead decided to take the more ironic root and draw my response in the form of a comic (aaaaah the paradox!!!!)

I'm not that proud of the art - definitely not my best - but it gets the point across. (If you can't quite read the text you can right click on each picture and select 'open in new tab / window' to full view it)


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